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Bag Man

<p>Stash your stuff and proudly carry these on your shoulder</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 21, 2010
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Man bag, man purse, or satchel. Whatever we may call them, these bags are really for masculine consumption. And thanks to Alan Garner of the Hangover (2009), we now know that even Indiana Jones used it during his manly expeditions.

With its handles sitting on your shoulder, giving you easier access even if you’re on the move, man bags are also easier to carry around compared to back packs that you’ve been carrying since you were a high school sophie  and definitely more stylish than messenger bags that will only make you look like – yes, a messenger.

Mostly finished with leather and earth colors, these bags fit perfectly with the corporate world. It will definitely be plus points for you if you want to look a tad professional or you just simply want to impress your resident-office-hottie.

So, stash your stuff, man up, and proudly carry these bags on your shoulder.    

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