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The Best Bags For Your Next Summer Getaway

Different adventures calls for different gears
by Julinda Gallego | Apr 26, 2016
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Different adventures calls for different gears. A stroll on the beach may not require the same heavy duty luggage one would use in an exhilarating hike up Mt. Makiling.

We've selected the different kinds of packs for different kinds of getaways this summer. Good looking and handy, these bags will surely make your perfect vacation even more perfect.

1) The body bag

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If you’re packing light, this hand or body textile is perfect for you. Grab it by the handle when you’re rocking a wrinkle-free ensemble, or use it as a shoulder bag for a more laid-back look. 

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2) The backpack                                                                            

When it comes to functionality, a durable canvas pack can handle all the elements. Planning to stay overnight in the beach? Go with this tropical-themed backpack, says fashion stylist JM Sta. Ana.

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Get it for: P2,298 via Vans

3) The duffel

With tons of nifty pockets to help sort your stuff, this ocean-themed duffel bag will make packing feel like a walk in the park—or the seaside, for that matter. Beach-ready would be an understatement.

Get it for: P1,800 via The Venture Pack

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4) The haversack

Planning a trip to some of our recommended outdoor destinations? This Borealis sack is the perfect travel buddy for the nature boy in you. 

"Obviously, you won't feel comfortable when you go mountain climbing while using a duffel or body bag," observes JM. "A backpack is highly recommended kasi kailangan free 'yung hands mo para makahawak ka ng maayos. Just make sure that it's the right size for your body type so it wouldn't look bulky." 

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Get it for: P6,490 via The North Face

5) The suave traveler

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You can never go wrong with black. This nylon backpack accented by faux leather buckles is both sleek and rugged from any angle. Aside from storing a weekend's worth of items neatly with its impressive compartment space, this rucksack also makes sure you’re never out of style. From easy-going pieces to smart casual ensembles, you'll be able to pair almost anything with this baby.

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Get it for: P1,199 via 24:01

6) The overnighter

This simple black-and-blue overnighter is simple and practical and has lots of pockets to help you organize your stuff. Given its features, Sta. Ana says "it would be handy whether you go on a beach trip or camping."

Get it for: P1,999 via Hawk

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7) The trolley

Hopping on a plane for a week-long break? Sta. Ana says a trolley is the best option when you're going somewhere far like Boracay or Hong Kong. "Pack lightly even though you're using a roller. You wouldn't want to look like you're hauling tons of stuff around," she adds.

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