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Beyond Backpacks: 6 Types Of Bags You Need To Add To Your Arsenal

Complete your evolution from schoolboy to suave gent
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 18, 2016
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Backpacks are like t-shirts. They're cool and they do the job wherever you are. But sometimes you've got to dress up with button-downs and suits or dress down during the weekend. We've selected their luggage counterpart here to help you elevate your look in the office or at school.

Messenger bags

Still youthful and still as useful but not as schoolboy-esque as the backpack.

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The satchel

A grown-up version of the messenger. It's worn like a shoulder bag instead of across the chest and is made of grown-man materials like leather as opposed to fabric. Jives well with long-sleeved shirts.

Get it for: P2,529 (from River Island)

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The modern briefcase

For the man who has outgrown the frenzy of his younger years and now has the luxury to sit, lay his bag down gently on the desk as he methodically tackles each item on his to-do list. You'll make yourself look like the model of cool efficiency.

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Get it for: P7,350 (from Kawamura)


The tote bag

We know what you're thinking. It feels too much like a shoulder bag. The remedy: Stick with totes made of rugged materials. These soft leather bags go nicely with your casual attire and are even easier to access than backpacks.

Get it for: P2,599 (from 101 New York)

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The weekender

Unzip it wide open, throw in your entire closet in there, and you're ready for the quick trip to the beach. Now, toss it to the backseat of your car (preferably a convertible) and drive away. For extra cool points, grab the handle and swing it up to your shoulder. That should give you an excuse to flex.

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The clutch bag

Attending a formal occasion? Where are you going to put your phablet and thick wallet? They'll ruin the silhouette of your pants if you put them in your pocket. Instead, shoot for these clutch bags. They'll store those nicely and add points to your classy gent vibe.

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BONUS: Grooming pouch

Don't just toss your hair gel, toothbrush, tissue, and, other grooming stuff in your bag. That's messy. Keep them organized in one of these: 

Get it for: P399 (from The Venture Pack)


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