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Jackets To Help Beat The Cold Weather In Style

Forget those basic hoodies!
by Ash Mahinay | Feb 20, 2017
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We’ve been experiencing some chilly first-world weather lately, haven’t we? Layering dreams have been coming true for style dudes everywhere while the lumalabas-ng-bahay-in-boxers gang has been supremely hassled. Pagasa forecasts the cold spell to last a while longer, so let’s brush up on some warming essentials. 

Denim Jacket

One reason some people don’t like cold weather is the fussiness of cold weather clothes: layers, zippers, nasagi, and himulmol nightmares—it’s a lot to take in for a relaxed tropical man. If you can relate, we recommend the denim jacket. It’s basically cold weather armor that will survive commuting, work, dates, brokebackan, etc. and then you can just leave it all “denim on the floor” afterwards.


Not going to lie, a cardigan is the cold weather item most likely to make you look a bit...precious, if you know what we mean. Get a little streetwear with your selection and stray away from the super slim and fitted cardigan in favor of a looser and chiller fit. Don’t worry, it’ll warm you all the same. 


Pullover Sweater

This item requires a thorough study of your schedule and the weather report. If a sudden temperature rise sweats you out of your pullover, removing it will destroy your carefully groomed hair, wrinkle your shirt (it will inevitably snag and yank it halfway off exposing your dad bod), and then you have to carry it in your hands like a child because tying things around your waist is a dead trend. On the other hand, a fit pullover looks super put together and clean—it wholly deserves to be the subject of “it’s made of boyfriend material” jokes. 

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“Ugly Jacket”

No joke! It’s never been more sartorially acceptable to wear something “ugly.” Witness all the odd fitting, chunky, patched, and logoed up jobs that pass as designer fashion lately. So if this surprise cold weather has you trapped in your house with no protection aside from a garish '90s jacket from deep in your closet, you’re good to go!

Toggle Coat

If the cold starts to comes with rain, that’s when you realize not all coverups are ideal for dealing with wetness. If you want to cover your bases, a toggle coat with a hood is what you need. They come in different weights and materials (and colors, of course) from mall crawling to Mt. Pulag-ready.

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