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Boxers, Briefs, and Everything in Between!

<p>Give up your bacons, dude.</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Nov 16, 2010
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For us Pinoys, briefs are a must-have, can’t-do-without, no-brainer piece of clothing. It makes us feel secure down there and, believe it or not, it gives us confidence like no other. But sometimes, it tends to be, well, uncomfortable. Hence, our almost-natural inclination to bacon briefs.

Tempting is a bacon's appeal, we know. But, please don't forget the single most important fact, especially for single dudes: It's the last pitstop to paradise, if you get what we mean. And if you haven't noticed, girls tend to be particular about clothing.

For something that you will be in the entire day—not to mention make or break your night— pay attention the next time you buy and make sure you have these in mind:

1. Material. We stand by 100% cotton [with stretch for fitted ones, preferrably] because we are commuters and cotton is perfect for hustling and bustling. Cotton mix (cotton blended with another type of fabric like silk), meanwhile is ideal for those working in cold offices; it’s going to be so soft you won’t mind sitting for most of the time.

2. Fit. For briefs and trunks, snug is the word. Must fit like a glove, you hear? Also, because sometimes brands have different sizing systems, borrowing a tape measure should do the trick. What number are you looking for? Here's the formula: Your waistline divided by 2 minus 2 inches should be the length of the underwear, un-stretched.

3. What you feel. So boxers are the in thing and you prefer your briefs. Go ahead and wear what pleases you. Feel free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

4. Your ensemble for the day. Never, and we mean never wear boxers with skinny trousers!

And a final reminder from the ladies: If it’s not designer underwear, please don't show them off.

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