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Casio Just Dropped 7 Awesome New G-Shock Watches

We've got something you might want to add to your X'mas wishlist!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 1, 2015
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Not too long ago, we gave you a sneak peek at Casio's freshest G-Shock collection. Well, guess what? We now have the full lineup right here!

All these timepieces were designed with advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship in mind. We say they are tough as they are eye-catching.

Looky here!

1)   EDIFICE EQB-510

Are you a techie who loves traditional watches as much as your old man? Are you a dad who hates lagging behind the latest in tech? This one's for it. Simply connect it to your smartphone and it will automatically adjust the time to your current location, even correcting for daylight savings time if needed.

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Hate seeing cuts and scratches on your watch? This one will make you feel invincible. It's made of bezel and rust-resistant titanium, and it's guaranteed to be scratch proof.


With an atmospheric pressure sensor that can help predict changes in the weather; a compass bearing to check the direction to a destination; and a graph that indicates the tide level—this one's made with marinos and LaBoracay regulars in mind.

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4)   MRG-G1000 

Casio calls it "the ultimate G-Shock," and truly it is. Not only is it made with the finest materials, this unit also features unique texture and superior abrasion resistance. It also has large side buttons carved from metal to pressing much more fun.

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5)   MTG G1000D 

It's the world's first-ever GPS hybrid, radio-controlled, and solar powered-system watch. Should be useful in saving damsels in distress—or you, from yourself.

6)   OCEANUS OCW-G1000

Great for meeting room and gimik nights, the new G1000 features hybrid timekeeping system in a metal case. The face features dual-curved sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on both sides for high visibility.

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7)   GWG-1000

And should you find yourself in a situation where exposure to the elements on land are inevitable (read: mud, desert), trust that the mud master GWG-1000 will never fail you. The watch offers vibration resistance to withstand heavy-duty operations. Plus, it has a compass-bearing readout, to help you know the right direction; and a barometer, which is useful for predicting changes in weather.

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Grab your G-Shock now at the G-Factory Premium Store at Greenbelt 5. For more information, like Casio Watches Philippines on Facebook.

Photography Mark Jesalva
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