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A Brief Guide To Choosing The Right Underwear

Boxers, briefs, or trunks?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 16, 2017
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Just like clothes, there are tons of underwear styles out there. Briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, trunks, and jock straps—you name it, malls have it. With so many options, how do you tell what style suits you best?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Some points to remember, though: 1) The fabric needs to be breathable; 2) It must work underneath the clothes you’re donning; 3) It must flatter your shape, and; 4) It must be suitable for what you’re doing that day.

Here’s a quick guide to the different styles of underwear that are available in the market:

1) Boxer Shorts

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Pros: Its breezy, baggy material allows the skin to breathe, creating a more comfortable area for your package—perfect for the man who likes everything to hang loose. Boxer shorts also come with a buttoned front for a quick exit. And if you're out of shape, boxer shorts help hide that sad fact.

Cons: They do not offer you the support that you may require. Don’t wear a pair of baggy boxers to the gym, unless you fancy your balls flying all over the place. Also, boxer shorts tend to ride up your leg, causing you to accidentally expose your manhood to the world. 

Wear it when: Instead of going commando, find yourself a pair of boxers that allow your skin to breathe. Wear it at home while watching your favorite NBA game. Boxer shorts are the best underwear for lazy days and sleepy nights.

2) Briefs

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Pros: Briefs offer comfort and support, covering all areas around your package and bottom. It also provides your legs with a little more freedom.

Cons: Sometimes you might feel like you're wearing a diaper (that means you've picked a size that's too tight). Briefs also have the tendency to ride up your crack, causing wedgies. 

Wear it when: Wear it at work, on a date, or even on a daily basis if you need added support for your family jewels. 


3) Boxer Briefs

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Pros: Boxer briefs are a popular hybrid. They accentuate your groin in a good way, and offer a lot of support, thus, they are often the most attractive for women.

Cons: Due to the waistband sitting just above your hips, this style can accentuate that dad bod of yours, creating a muffin top. So if you’re a little wary of your beer belly, then it’s best to avoid this type of underwear.

Wear it when: You've got a hot date you need to impress when you undress. 

4) Trunks

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Pros: Can’t choose between briefs and boxer briefs? Trunks are less tight, longer, and have the same boxy shape as boxer briefs. Trunks are sleek and supportive. 

Cons: Just like boxer briefs, trunks accentuate the stomach. They might be hassle to your girl's eyes when the lights are on.

Wear it when: It's more of an if. So wear it if you've got the physique for it. 

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