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Winter Is Coming: Cold-Proof Yourself!

With the December wind about to blow hard, get ready to gear up!
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 14, 2013
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You’re in a swanky mall hanging with your bros (i.e. sausage party!) when this douche-y looking gentleman swaggers in through the entrance. He’s got a hottie on his arm, and a leather jacket on his back. Altogether as one, you and your posse sarcastically remark, Ang lamig sa Pilipinas ah!”

Hold up guys, you’re wasting your breath! Mall douches doesn’t care because a) he’s crushing some vag tonight (probably!) and, b) leather jackets in the Philippines can make sense. Layering on some cold weather gear is definitely a thing, and rather than being haters, let’s all just figure out this look together.

The key is to be realistic in your expectations, and to always remember that the following things are definitely not becoming “in” anytime before the next Ice Age: gloves/mittens, anything with fur, putting on more than two layers of clothing.

Hey, that leaves a lot of other stuff to wear! So slowly ramp up your cold weather fashion as the temp goes down. In particular, you should buy now a...


Especially during rainy days, the thermally sensitive might need a little extra insulation from the cold aside from a toasty blanket. If we can walk around in our underwear at home, then we can also lounge around in a beanie all we damn want.



Windchill isn’t fun, but wearing more than a sando on the beach can be a bummer, too. A scarf can help protect your stuff from sand, shield your neck from the sun on a long walk, and even warm you up jussst enough for those sentimental nighttime walks on the shore.

It’s also perfect for “sharing” with your date!

NEXT: Sweaters, jackets, and more!

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