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The Art Of Dressing Sharp, According To Conor McGregor

Sometimes it's pays to be a copycat
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Feb 29, 2016
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Not all fighters are fashionable. After all, knowing how to match the colors in your ensemble isn't a prerequisite for knocking people out.

Conor McGregor, however, breaks that mold. The undisputed featherweight UFC champ is a one-punch monster with equally monstrous style. On the ring, the 27-year-old KO artist will blind you with his lightning fists. And off it? Conor will blind you with a fine collection of threads and gentlemanly grooming.

As a style icon, what can we learn from him? We've got a number of pointers here. 

1) Go beyond the leather black shoes

A coat and a tie are the last two things we'd like to wear because, well, it's somewhat boring. Spice it up by playing around with the kicks:

2) Add Ray-Bans to the mix

Conor's use of waistcoats, lapel pins and pin stripes gives justice to traditional men's fashion. Wearing Ray Ban to your suit or cap just furthers your style sophistication.

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3) Go monochromatic

When you're completely clueless as to what to pair, just wear the same color for your top and bottom. To avoid looking too plain, add some color with your sneakers.

4) Be experimental

Go out of your comfort zone. Don't hesitate to try new things. If the Irish fighter can rock a girl's sling and not look, erm, too girly, why can't you?

5) Roll your jeans

As far as we've observed, Conor is a fan of the pin roll and know exactly why: The simple fold down there takes his denim game to a whole new level. Pinch an inch of the fabric at the side then roll twice or thrice, depending on how short you want it to look.


6) Don't forget to wear accessories

Most men aren't fond of wearing necklaces, rings, and bracelets. But as a man, carefully chosen accessories will give you that extra edge you need to boost your style.

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7) Play with colors

Whether it be a colorful pocket, some bright chinos, a pair of socks, your style will be one step ahead of the rest.

8) Raise the stakes

The UFC featherweight champion illustrates this by appearing on TV, promotions, and interviews dressed impeccably. Remember: It's better to overdress than underdress. You can always just remove the piece that makes your get-up appear too much.

9) Befriend a tailor

Conor is very particular with the fit of his clothes. In fact, he has a personal tailor. Fit is everything when you like to look your best. And there’s no other person that can help you with it than your good ol' sastre.

10)  Last but not the least…

Mr. Notorious carries himself with great conviction and that’s what makes his style a hundred times better. You should too!


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