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#CreepingItReal: 9 Guys Share Their Baduy Halloween-Worthy Outfits

Babala: Wag tularan!
by Tricia Quintero | Oct 30, 2017
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Here comes the common Halloween struggle: coming up with your costumes. By now, you’ve probably gone through the usual options—pop culture references like Darth Vader or Jon Snow, the staples like a vampire or a werewolf, a sushi roll or burrito, or the ever-popular “sexy” firefighter.

If you still haven’t decided, don’t worry! Sometimes a little trip down memory lane is all you’ll need. Because for these nine men, their #throwback outfits may well be their 2017 Halloween costumes. Also, most importantly, madali i-cram.

“I used to ask my sister to straighten my hair every morning with a straightener. I’d have to get up extra early so she could do it—I even paid her every week! As for the shirt, I got it from, and I was essentially collecting them. Looking back now, I looked like I co-wrote [My Chemical Romance's] 'Helena' and 'Welcome to the Black Parade.'”—James

“Plaid and prints in all the wrong ways. I wore this because plaid was making a ‘comeback’ then. I actually thought the Batman belt buckle puts the outfit together. It’s so bad now. Just look at it.”—Jay

“I honestly have no explanation for this because ganyan talaga ako noon (I was really like that before). I guess young, wild, and free? It’s embarrassing now.”—Javi

“Printed shirts used to be the thing back then so I guess I tried adapting the style. I had red sunglasses so I thought it will fit well. Clearly, that didn’t work out.”—Paco


“Not much of a background story here except that I actually thought shutter shades were cool.”—Sean

“I had questionable taste before—from checkered shorts and hooded shirts to Super Inggo haircuts. I like to think I dress way better now, but then again anything is better than shutter shades, right? It’s just funny how I had it in two different colors. Guess I really was a fan of those.”—Gian

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“I have no idea what’s going on here. I just found a baseball bat at school and decided to pose with it. The outfit is just bad. (laughs)”—Migs

“It was our college’s rock ‘n roll-themed acquaintance party, and my barkada always liked going all-out and following the party themes. So we did… And looking back now, I would say it didn’t turn out well for us. I mean, just look at that sleeveless hoodie.”—Zeke

“I had a phase when I liked matching my shirt with my shoelaces. So there was one time when I wore a neon orange top and neon orange shoelaces. I think I was glowing—not in a good way. Maybe I also looked like a traffic cone.”—Brent

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