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5 Idiot-Proof Fashion Formulas To Live By

Make the most of what’s in your closet with these combinations
by Vincent Ong | Dec 9, 2016
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Sometimes the quickest way to get dressed is to follow established formulas. Below are five no-fail examples for everyday situations.

Commute to work

The fit: Oxford button-down, cuffed + slim fit black pants + black loafers
The central piece: Oxford button-down
The play: An Airism undershirt will save you during the commute. But if you’re on the heavier side, why don’t you size down? It’ll help keep everything in place, so you can look trimmer. For the office, there is no going wrong with an oxford shirt (as long as it’s actually in your size). Cuff it to expose half of your forearm. Tuck into your standard issue black Uniqlo “leggings jeans” (the comfiest! Don’t let the name intimidate you) with a black woven leather belt (so it doesn’t show how much weight you’ve gained in the last quarter) and matching black mocs. FYI, this isn’t the time or the place for charol (patent leather). Nor is it the time to experiment with combinations of black and brown—or even gold and silver jewelry for that matter. 

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Weekend hang

The fit: Sunglasses + plain tee + tailored shorts + canvas sneakers
The central piece: Sunglasses
The play: With our weather, shorts are unavoidable. Make sure they end at the knee. Go any higher and you run the risk of exposing yourself. Any lower and...we all know how that look played out in the early 2000’s. Corny.


Date night 

The fit: Printed polo + slim fit dark jeans + sneakers
The central piece: Printed polo
The play: Show your personality through a printed polo like the ones you can find in Cotton On. Dial down the douche by leaving your hair clean-looking. No pomade and no looking like you just stepped out of the barber. Your shoes are also an avenue for you to express your personality, so take your pick among your pogi pairs. (But it’s definitely too soon for your ratty 2-year-old sneakers). 

Outdoor Dinner

The fit: A proper fitting band tee + slim fit dark jeans + beat-up leather shoes
The central piece: Slim fit dark jeans
The play: We know about the pair of Sperrys or Sebagos you’ve bought back in the early 2010’s. Dust them off and wear them with slim-fitting dark jeans. Set yourself apart by looking casual in your favorite band tee. Just make sure it fits just right and doesn’t have any holes in it yet.

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The club

The fit: A black polo short + distressed jeans, cuffed + crisp sneakers
The central piece: Sneakers
The play: Bust out your bitin pants like JLC. Go for a midtone blue with a bit of distressing so it doesn’t look like you tried so hard. Check to see your sneaks are crisp and clean (even if we all know they won’t be when the night ends). Last word of advice: Never forget to fix your hair!

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