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<p>Update your style and release stress all in one go!</p>
| Jan 18, 2010
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Did you know that fashion is 50% emotion? And for most part, the shirt that you have on right now is brought about by intense feelings of laziness and/or apathy aka you-couldn't-care-less. [firstpara] Of course, of course, there are many things troubling your mind: Work is eating you up, payday is far too long coming, girlfriend troubles continue to hug you more than she does, or worse, you have no girlfriend to give you troubles to speak of!

Well, use all your couped up stress and give yourself a new pair of jeans. No, we don't mean another trip to the mall. We mean pretending to be an artist and distressing with your jeans. Sounds too crafty? Well, think of it as DIY.

Besides, the distressed look is a big trend this year. And there's nothing more impressive—and cheaper!—than going the DIY route to ride on a trend.

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  1. First, get your least favorite jeans to experiment on and decide on the area or areas you want distressed. Highly recommended areas are on the knees and pockets.
  2. Grab a piece of wood that would fit the area of the jeans you want to distress.
  3. If it's just pockets, hemlines, or knees, rubbing sandpaper or a nail file should be enough to give you a worn out look. Use the wood as a sort of chopping block.
  4. Should you want holes and the like, a steak knife will do the trick. But remember to gear up with gloves, you wouldn't want blood to be part of the design! Place the wood under the area then rub rub rub! Rubbing longer and stronger will result to more visible holes. Our tip: rub gently until you get your desired result. Using scissors will result into a boring unnatural rip.
  5. If you want to go all the way, soak a sponge in bleach (your hands protected with latex gloves, of course) then apply around the holes. Be careful not to inhale the bleach and do this project outdoors for obvious reasons.

If you want the authentic way of doing it, you'll have to wear a pair of jeans for a couple of years!


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