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Donovan Mitchell Vs. Ben Simmons: Whose ROTY Style Scores Huge Points?

Tracking the fashion evolution of these two fresh ballers
by Ash Mahinay | May 10, 2018
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There will be no more games for both Rookie of the Year contenders with both the Jazz and 76ers getting unceremoniously dumped out of the Playoffs. With matching 4-1 losses, the only thing left to compare the Philadelphia 76ers' Ben Simmons and the Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell is obviously...who had the superior swag off-court. We can do it the traditional Pinoy way by putting them both in front of a crowd and see who gets the loudest palakpak—or we can track their fashion growth instead in a best of seven format.


The month before the draft, a young Ben Simmons in some streetwear. We’ve come a long way since 2016, so this looks sort of like a time capsule.

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Donovan may actually be better dressed than Dray here, but this two-tone rig is just a bit too unadventurous. First game goes to Simmons.

Ben 1-0 Donovan

Shots fired.


Classy draft showing from Simmons in a three-piece suit.

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But we have to hand it to Mitchell for this round with his patterned suit and sock game.

Ben 1-1 Donovan

Donovan steps out in a suit we all think about buying but never actually do in real life.


Dude looks like he could be in an ad for the Dior sweater he’s got on. “That’s Dior Homme not Dior Homie.”

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Mitchell still hasn’t caught up to the luxo fit game but he is repping that fresh Three Stripes contract already.

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Ben 2-1 Donovan

If this were an endorsement battle we’d give it to Donovan, but it isn’t so…


Fast forward to December 2017 and he is now clad in Gucci and Off White. That’s what a year of training with NBA coaches and watching NBA tape hanging with NBA fashionistas will get you! 

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Off White and Yeezys are always good but Simmons’ pants are hot enough to take those pieces two-on-one…

Ben 3-1 Donovan

It’s all Gucci for Simmons in this round.


Donovan in the sweatshirt to rule all shady sweatshirts!

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But then Simmons refused to fire back so he takes the L here by default.

Ben 3-2 Donovan

Is Simmons going to blow a 3-1 lead!?


Simmons in denim, so let’s do a denim round because it's the thing right now

Mitchell in the grail LV x Supreme, so clearly wins in the hype stakes but...

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Ben 4-2 Donovan

But Simmons has the Givenchy and LV accessories to power him to the finish. Style ROTY! We have to give this to Simmons. 

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