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The Dos And Don'ts Of Dressing Up According To Body Shape

We help you identify the clothes that can bring out the best in you and avoid the pieces that highlight your worst features.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 6, 2015
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Ever tried to mime a fashion blogger for a quick #OOTD only to fall short? Here's the thing: What looks good on others, doesn't automatically looks good on you.

But here's a tip: Know your body shape. If you know your body shape, you'll be able to identify clothes that can bring out the best in you and avoid pieces that highlight your worst features.

To help you out, we've lined up some fashion dos and don'ts below, curated according to body shape...


Hugh Jackman has this type of body: broad shoulders and a broad chest that tapers at the waist and hips. Not only does this particular body type make a girl drool; it also makes dressing up so much easier.


- Because you have a well-proportioned body, you can wear anything you want. You don’t have to hide any of your features.


- Avoid wearing loose shirts. It would only hide your best features and make you look fat.

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If your body is basically straight, from shoulder to hips, then you fall into this category. Don't be disappointed though, you can still look good...if you know the right way to dress. Just look at Ashton Kutcher and Jim Carrey!


- Wear shoulder padded blazers or jackets to create an illusion that you have a broader shoulder.
- Go for skinny jeans to make it appear like you have a well-proportioned body.


- Never wear tank tops because it makes you look even more straight-looking.
- No boot cut jeans. It gives you an unbalanced look: heavy at the bottom, paper-thin up top.


Men who possess the inverted triangle body type have very broad shoulders and chest, and an extremely narrow waist and hips just like Sylvester Stallone and Vin Diesel.

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- Use V-neck tees to make your upper torso look balanced with your lower body.
- Wear jogger pants or slim cut jeans to make your lower body look proportionate to your upper body.


- Avoid wearing padded blazers or jackets because it will emphasize your wide areas.
- Stay away from scoop necklines. Again, this will only emphasize your chest.
- Don't wear black pants because this will make your legs look thinner, and make you appear top-heavy.


A.k.a. dad bods.


- Wear button down shirts to give your upper body a proper fit. It's not too loose and not too tight either.
- Use black denim to make your lower body appear thinner.


- Never wear horizontal stripes because it will only emphasize your stomach area.
- Avoid body-fit shirts.


Your shoulders, hipbones, and lower body are large. In other words, you're fat round.

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- V-neck shirts help to decrease your round appearance.
- Use shirts with vertical stripes to make you look slim.


- Stay away from padded blazers.
- Never attempt to wear "elephant" pants because it will only emphasize your roundness.

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