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Santa Doesn't Approve: 8 Getups To Avoid This Christmas

Here's a list of getups to avoid once you go visit your ninongs and ninangs! Because being makapal is already enough, you don't also have to look like an ass!
by Kriszar Ofiaza | Dec 12, 2013
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'Tis the season to be jolly...and to stay pogi! As such, many of us will go out of our way to try to stand out fashion-wise this Christmas. However, doing so might do more harm than good for your ego, especially if you're a noob when it comes to mixing and matching different kinds of clothing.

To help save your behinds from a possible fashion disaster, here's a list of holiday getups to avoid. Check them out below. (Unless, of course, you're going to a costume party where looking like a fool is the deal, then we understand.)

Jeans overload

christmas fashion fails

Jeans are nice. However, we really wouldn't recommend covering yourself with it from head to toe, especially if you choose only one color for them all. Same shade for your maong jeans, polo, and hat? Santa will say "Ho, ho, holy cow...ang sagwa!" on that.

Solution: If you really have to be covered in denim, choose different shades and types. For example, pair an acid wash polo with indigo blue denim. As for the hat, leave it in your baul.

Ultra-deep v-necks + your hairy (kuno) chest

christmas fashion fails

Could you look more douche-y? We get it, you love your chest hair. However, the rest of the world wouldn't exactly like the idea of you constantly showing it all off. Also, why would anyone be willing to expose his chest and risk freezing it out during Christmas?

Solution: Presentable (not-so-deep) v-necks plus a decent blazer. This combination will make girls swoon.

Neon-colored pants + colored shirt

christmas fashion fails

Holiday clashing of the color wheel? You wouldn’t want to be mistaken as a Christmas tree gone bad with all that colors you are wearing now, would you?

Solution: Mixing and matching colors is good, but at least try complementing each one. Follow your color wheel, bros!

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Super pointy shoes + skin-tight green pants

christmas fashion fails
This combination will cast the spotlight on you for all the wrong reasons. For one, seeing a person wearing skin-tight pants regardless of color will already elicit "WTF!" reactions. Couple that with having pointy shoes as well and you've got yourself a fashion disaster that's hard to recover from.

Solution: Just don’t wear these together.

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