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8 Fashion Resolutions For A More Stylish 2016

New year, new (more stylish) you!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 21, 2016
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So you received a shitload of new tees, bottoms, and even underwear last Christmas. Don't you think that maybe your loved ones are trying to tell you something?

Maybe they're just feeling really generous, or maybe they're just afraid they'll hurt your feelings when they tell you, "Ang baduy ng porma mo, pre!"

In any case, it wouldn't hurt to improve your fashion sense further, yes? Keep in mind that looking good is a legit confidence-booster (and that it can positively affect how people look at or treat you).

With that said, here are eight fashion resolutions that will help you make 2016 your most stylish year yet.

1) Organize thy man-drobe

Start off by organizing your cabinet. Throw stuff you no longer use. If you have the luxury of having a big space, hang all your clothes so you can see the pieces you have better. If that's not the case, fold everything, sort them, and divide your cabinet into different sections, depending on the items you have (e.g. pambahay, white tees, collared shirts, shorts, pants). 

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Also, a simple reminder: When you're getting, say, a shirt from a pile, lift the ones above it first to avoid putting unwanted creases on your other clothes.

2) Ditch bacon briefs

You think others won't notice? A simple bend over will make you realize your mistake in awkward fashion. And what about those times that you're about to get lucky? She will be looking, bro. So, if the garter's starting to get really loose, better replace it ASAP.

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3) Give your seldom worn pieces some attention

We are all guilty of this: Buying clothes we never wear. The thing is, those items that don't get as much attention as your fave tees can still make you look good. Experiment. Mix and match. Be a bit more creative and find the layouts that can make these abandoned pieces work. There's a reason why you bought them in the first place and it's certainly not because they're ugly.

4) Don't be too kuripot when buying new clothes

Instead of buying five new pieces from a shady tiangge that you'll eventually throw away after a few washes, go with one that you'll be able to use many more times. You can opt for branded items since they're made with better materials that make them last and look newer longer. It doesn't have to be branded though; just make sure to feel the fabric first to see if it can withstand more than a few days of use. And be wary of those super cheap deals; you can end up paying more money in the long run if you're not careful.

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5) Spend more time shopping

Here's where your girl comes in. Ask her a few shopping tips and study her shopping habits. This means sacrificing a bit of time (you know how girls are in malls) and suffering some leg pain (because you'll be standing up for long durations), but you'll be rewarded with more know-how when it comes to finding the best deals and picking the right items. Also: instant bonding sesh!

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6) When in doubt, ask for help

Want to try a look you've seen on John Lloyd Cruz, but you aren't sure how to pull it off? Don't hesitate to ask for your girlfriend or your fashionista friend's help. They'll be more than happy to be your personal stylist and critic.

7) Look for inspiration

Don't know what's hot and what's not? No problemo! While we like our social media feeds to, uhm, feed us photos of beauts like Jessy Mendiola, Coleen Garcia, and Jennylyn Mercado, it certainly wouldn't hurt to follow some male celebrities or fashion bloggers as well. Their posts might just be the inspiration you'll need to up your style game.

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8) Try out new trends

Don't limit yourself to shirts and jeans. That's so 2015. Be more adventurous. Wear joggers, tattered pants, long tees, or try denim over denim. There are so many choices out there. You'll have a hard time finding new looks that work on you if you'll always play it safe.

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