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5 Effortless Fashion Resolutions For A More Stylish 2017

Amp up your personal style for the year ahead
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 3, 2017
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You don't like cardigans, you prefer cargo over chino shorts, and you'd rather wear sneakers over loafers and boots. Well, it sounds like you need to level up your style game, which is why it's time to make some fashion resolutions.

To help, we came up with five goals that aren't really hard to incorporate into your daily routine (because we know it isn't that easy to step outside your fashion comfort zone). These little changes could help you make 2017 your most stylish year yet.

Embrace change

Don't limit yourself to the T-shirt-plus-jeans combo. Instead, try out new trends such as a parka, bomber jacket, and denim shirt. If you've never worn boat shoes or brogues, be brave. Fashion is always changing and that's exactly what makes it great.

DIY your old clothes

We don't necessarily mean "shop new clothes and forget the good ol' pieces in your mandrobe." Some pieces in your wardrobe—plain tee, jacket, and jeans to name a few—will still be useful despite the ever changing style trends. You just have to find a way to make them look new and stylish again. With hundreds (or even thousands) of tutorials over Google, there's no excuse for being a DIY noob.

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Consider other trouser styles

Let's be clear here, bro: don't ditch denim jeans. Denims are and will always be a staple in any man's closet. Our point is, expand your style. If you are a stickler for a skinny jean, this is the year to try cropped pants, slimline joggers, or ripped jeans. There are so many choices out there. 

Take your oversized pieces to the tailor

Fit is everything, and there's no other person that can help you with it than your good ol' sastre. They can help you emphasize the right lines, and hide the bad ones. So, be friends with a tailor this year.

Don't be afraid to rock some man-jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, accessories are NOT for women only. You could put on a pair of cufflinks when you're in a suit and tie. Or perhaps wear a tough and handsome looking timepiece on your wrist when the look calls for it. As a general rule, keep your accessories simple and make sure they match your entire outfit. Remember: The smallest detail can either improve or ruin the entire look.

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