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FHM Etiquette: So It's Your First Day on the Job: What's Next?

by Mikey Agulto | Sep 6, 2011
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Things will get bloody at times, but the office ain’t no fight club.

There are rules, but none along the lines of never talking about it, which, as you may know, is a prime directive in underground fight clubs. In fact, talking about the rules is exactly what we’d like to do now, specifically those that concern the office virgin—not in the sexual sense of course, although that would be a topic worth a guffaw too. In the future, maybe we’ll just do something “How to get laid if you’ve become the office virgin.” 

But today is not that day. For today, we teach first timers in the office how to behave and conduct themselves in a manner that is expected of the man who’s just crossed the academic finish line, and is now about to embark on the next destination in their life journey: the daily grind. And you know what they say: best to start the rest of your life on the right foot!

Check out the gallery below, and become the ultimate new hire.

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