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FHM Knows Style: Go Trendy With Tees!

Let's give love to the humble tee!
by mich r. lagdameo | Sep 26, 2013
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Your girlfriend may beg to differ, but your humble t-shirt is your most taken-for-granted life essential. You throw one on with nary a second thought, and it uncomplainingly covers your hide wherever you go. This basic wardrobe building block looks good with anything, can be layered with everything, and has the bonus feature of hiding your ever-expanding beer gut.

t-shirt guideIt also looks good with arm sleeve tattoos!

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We love t-shirts for their simplicity and no-fuss practicality. But after a routine round-up of shop offerings, we realize that t-shirts have become a little...complicated. Cool? Edgy, maybe? Colorful is an understatement. Fashion has spoken once again—plain, safe, solid-colored tees are out. Bold, colored, printed, and statement shirts without words (you’ll see what we mean) are in—but how the heck do we wear it?

Think of it this way: it’s still just a shirt—only snazzier, meaning you automatically look more well-dressed and put-together without needing to accessorize (or cut your hair!) provided you pull it off. How? Check out our handy guide below!


t-shirt guideShirt from Forever 21

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t-shirt guideShirt from Topman

t-shirt guide
Shirt from Topman

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Aztec/Mayan/Southwestern/Native American print has taken over, but in colorways your art teacher would cringe at. Not for the faint of heart, but here’s our basic rule: pair this loud shirt with jeans or shorts in a wash that picks up the darkest OR lightest tone of your top—or maybe the color that isn’t the most prominently featured (say it’s got little shades of yellow: wear some khakis). Generally looks great with denim and sneakers/your spiffy Sperrys.

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