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FHM Knows Style: The Dos And Don'ts Of Headwear Fashion

Worn the right way, your cap, hat, or bonnet could act as the proverbial cherry on top of your sweet getup!
by Ash Mahinay | Sep 25, 2014
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Sometimes you think your OOTD is almost there–but it’s just missing something. A little X-factor. Aha! It’s missing the cherry on top, literally–a hat. But before you reach for the lid, are you doing the right thing?

The great thing about hats, caps, and other forms of headwear is that they can look good either matching your outfit’s overall flow or being the one flashy accessory. However, some just don’t mesh well with some looks–and we’re not talking about people with unusual head shapes–but wearers often have more than one, so there’s always room to maneuver.

In this edition of FHM Knows Style, we guide you on how to properly choose and rock different types of headwear! Yeah, we're bros like that!


DO: Go for the classic form for utility use

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To differentiate this from what your friends might mistakenly call uso, the classic baseball cap has a curved brim and a softer, rounder shape. This cap is perfect for bad hair days /no ligo trips because its low-key nature means people don’t notice it–and thus your deception is safe. You can also wear pretty much anything with it as long as you don't go with formal wear (speaking of which, here's our guide on formal wear).

DON'T: Go with bling

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Forget gold, eye-blinding labels and shiny accents, bro! Sure, it will look like you have a pot of gold hidden somewhere in your crib, but this look won't win you any fashion awards. Plus, others will think you've gone full douche mode. Never go full douche.


DO: Go with tame, solid, dark colors that match your pants and shoes

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Wearing it outdoors with a slightly slouchy button down can be neat in an Indiana Jones sort of way. Also, be careful with donning it with something formal like a suit. But if you insist, then go with solid, dark colors (e.g. blue, gray, black) and make sure it matches the shade your pants and footwear are in. You might just pull off the modern-day haciendero look minus your bros making Asiong Salonga references.

DON'T: Wear it indoors and/or with rubber shoes

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Fedora belongs in the same category as indoor shades: Never! Besides, real old timey gentlemen always took their hats off inside! Lastly, if you value how your friends look at your fashion sense then, please, don't wear rubber shoes when you're under a fedora. Just. No.

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