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The FHM Trend Watch: Bakit Ka May Bet-Bet Shorts At Bitin Pants?

Bros, we know it's hot outside but, please <em>lang</em>, do our eyes a favor and be careful when it comes to showing more skin.
by mich r. lagdameo | May 24, 2014
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Gather ‘round gents, as we try to figure out the major philosophical conundrum that is the male fashion sense. First off—is there such a thing? Why, yes, there should be. Part of being pogi means knowing what works for you, and what makes you look G-double-O-D good—but often times, it’s hit and miss.

Them ladies always say that being stylish and being trendy are different things, and that style trumps trends. They sure know what they’re talking about (most of the time), so maybe it wouldn’t hurt to heed the odd bit of fashion advice from our dear lady friends.

summer fashion adviceTerry Crews wearing a bra: still manlier than you
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Advice is good, but let’s not go too far and say that what looks good on the ladies will apply to men as well. Sounds like a no-brainer, but hey, what we’re seeing dudes walk around in nowadays makes us wonder.

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Case in point: the shorter the better. Obviously works for girls: shorts, skirts, the mystical crop top. Nakulangan ng tela is always an insult when the ladies say it of their fellow woman’s attire, but for us, well, let's just say we’re into minimalist dressing when it comes to women’s fashion.

Well and good for women to walk around showing a little skin. But for dudes, though? We’re scratching our heads when it comes to these now-de rigeur trends:


summer fashion advice"Dude, don't worry, nag-tawas ako"
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You know the kind: loudly printed or neon colored, huge armholes cut almost down the entire side of the sando. Yeah, totally comfy at the beach, but last we checked, malls in the Metro are nowhere near sandy shores, so why do we keep seeing dudes donning this gear? Also: side boob on the ladies=very hot, but why not on you? Because armpit hair. And man boob-age. And no, sorry, even if you’re ripped, it still looks sloppy no matter what you pair it with anywhere far from the waves.

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As far as we’re concerned, there are only two kinds of sandos, and they are picked for function and not for porma: basketball jerseys and those plain white ones you wear under formalwear.

summer fashion advice"Ako na naman?"
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Permissible pros:  Ventilation,  über-comfort—but only on vacation mode

But: It looks a little too trying-hard-to-be-casual. And you look like a total douche when you pair it with baggy jeans and dunks. Kinda like Justin Beiber. #ultimateinsult

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