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Gear Up for Pacman's May 7 Bout!

Wear your pride on your sleeve!

by Lou E. Albano | May 3, 2011
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This Sunday's gonna be big, we know. Nike also knows. And you know who else knows? Manny knows.

Yup, it's the much-anticipated Pacquiao-Mosley bout this Sunday and Nike wants to make sure you wear your pride on your sleeves. They released the Pacman-inspired shoes last week, sure but for those of you who weren't able to get one of the 50 pairs, check out the May 7 line of Pacquiao products the clothing brand has just released.

There are four shirts, with each of them harking back to Manny's, which is to say, our roots: Philippines, Prayer, faith, and that whole shebang. Another pair of shoes (maybe to make up for the painfully exclusive 50-pair limited-edition), and for good measure, the most wanted Pacman KO ZP Hoody.

Enough of the rambling, let's go check it out below!

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