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Get Dressed For Summer

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| Apr 14, 2009
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The heat is something else, no? If you could, you would dress in the easiest, coolest, most casual way possible. Now, you can’t really don the killer flipflops/pambahay combo outside the house, let’s start with what we can: shoes.
Here’s a how you can get away with wearing nothing but your sneakers this summer. From the office, to business meetings, parties, or just an ordinary day with the missus, spend it all with your sneakers.
A quick trivia for your sneaker junkies: If you don’t know just yet, sneakers are called thus because their rubber sole made them stealthy for sneaking out at night (other types of shoes proved to be noisy walkers). You have your advertising dudes to thank for the easy recall.
Okay, onto the how-to.

If you want to wear sneakers to the office, do yourself a favor and go for subtlety: no ksp colors and no too-trendy styles. Many sneaker brands have adapted styles to allow sneakers to blend seamlessly in the workplace—make sure your sneakers doesn’t call your boss’ or the HR’s attention.

Tip: There are three shades to live by when wearing sneakers to work: Black, brown, and white. They’re subtle enough to pass HR’s prying looks. They’re basic enough to pair with most of your clothes. And they look smart enough for a yuppy like you.

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Words: Marc Celis
Photography: Yayay de Castro

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