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8 Annoying Problems Only Men With Glasses Understand

Here are some of the less favorable aspects of being a four-eyed gentleman
by Chise Alcantara | Oct 10, 2017
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While everyone knows that the glasses-wearing master race is always going to be superior when it comes to looking effortlessly sophisticated and classy, we all know that even the best things in life have their drawbacks. Here are some of the less favorable aspects of being a four-eyed gentleman.

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1) Cleaning the things

People don’t seem to understand that whatever germs you have on your hands (some people even use their warm–possibly dank–breath to wipe their glasses) could get on your glasses whenever you touch or adjust them. You could easily get your eyes infected with bacteria that could cause irritation and inflammation. Better adapt the habit of cleaning your glasses properly!

2) Pimples on your nose bridge

The sad part about #1 is that some spectacle cleaning agents like alcohol-based ones could easily cause your skin to break out if it’s sensitive to those ingredients so even if they’re technically clean; they could still have adverse effects. You just have to pick your products carefully and see what works best for you.

3) Avoiding the tito look

Looking more mature is a given when you have your specs on but you don’t want to go overboard. There’s a fine line between looking like a seasoned, dependable gentleman to the ladies and someone’s chaperone to a bar. Better ditch those oversized polos and those ironically long “shorts” if you don’t want your friend’s kids to start looking for aguinaldo from you.

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4) Finding the right pair for your face

And it’s just not one pair. Oh, no! If you really want to step up your OOTDs, finding the perfect pair of glasses for every occasion is a must to totally make your outfits picture perfect. Attention to detail matters so if you only have one pair, a quick fix is to get contacts if you don’t want to coordinate your specs with your wardrobe.


5) You can’t wear shades that aren’t graded

With so many fashionable eyewear options it’s kind of sad that we have to miss out on most of them if we don’t want to dry out our wallets by spending a fortune in trying to grade some Ray-Bans.

6) It messes up your hairdo

Ever heard of helmet hair? Wearing glasses over styled hair just messes up your sideburns like you wouldn’t know leading some very annoying and stubborn tikwas. Not to mention how the hinges and temple get extra sticky if you’re using any gel type product on a hot day out.

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7) Your nose gets temporarily deformed

Those two small circle marks embedded in your nose after every time you have to take off your specs just become increasingly irritating the longer you stare at them. It’s as annoying as it’s hypnotizing.

8) Everyone thinks your glasses are fake

The biggest problem tbh. Once you dress decently and do not look like the stereotypical nerd or geek, then everyone assumes you are a fuccboi who is faking being a four-eyes. There’s really nothing we can do about this except bide our time until people find some other thing to imitate.

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