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The Ultimate Guy's Guide To Choosing The Right Eyeglasses

You’re on your way to being a stylish, four-eyed gentleman
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 9, 2017
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Wearing eyeglasses doesn’t just help you see better, it can also transform your overall look. So if you’re planning to finally get a pair, please, don’t you just settle for ugly, outdated frames. A skilled eye for picking what's perfect you is essential. Below, your no-nonsense guide to getting it right. 

First, consider your face shape

Just like when getting a haircut, your face shape plays a huge role in finding out what eyeglass frames are flattering. “If you have a round face, you might want to angle it a little by choosing more rectangular frames which will help make your face longer,” says Vohn Yao of Owndays Philippines. “Try to avoid designs that are too square as they may make your roundness more distinct.”


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On the other hand, if you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin (also known as the heart-shaped face), Yao suggests you go for rounder frames. People with oval faces are lucky since a lot of frame shapes can complement them. “If you have an oval face," he explains, "you should focus more on the design of the frame rather than the shape. But of course, try not to pick a frame that makes you look disproportionate.” 

Last, square faces with strong jaws work best with circular or oval shaped frames because “it softens the strong jaw line,” Yao advises.

Next, choose a size

The size of your face also determines the size of the frame that's most apt for you. Remember, eyeglass frames that are too small will make your face look wider, while frames that are too big make your facial features smaller. “As always, your eyes should sit at the center of the frame.” Yao adds.

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Select a type of frame

If you want to highlight your eyes, get full-rim frames to emphasize your peepers. On the other hand, semi-rimless frames accentuate the upper portion of your face. The barely-there rimless frames are perfect if you want people to focus on your facial features.

Color and design matter as well

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We can always say that you should select a color based on your skin tone, eye color, and hair color—but seriously, the best way to find out what suits you is by actually trying different hues of the frames. Of course, you should also consider your own style—just stick to classic colors if you’re not yet ready to experiment with wilder, highly designed ones.

Consider all these factors first before you bring home a pair. As Yao puts it, “You have to be comfortable wearing them. Wearing glasses is a lifetime commitment, so take your time figuring out what’s best for you.”

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