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A Guide To Men's Formal Wear (According To Golden Globe Awards Fashion)

Here's how you rock formal wear like a Hollywood A-lister!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 15, 2016
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Girls have a gazillion of choices when it comes to evening wear; men don't.

It's either a necktie or a bowtie, either black or white. Beyond these, we're left with the essentials that have remained unchanged ever since James Bond debuted on the silver screen. Sure, the style may evolve over time but the basic formula still holds up: a black jacket, perfectly tailored trousers, and a nice set of leather shoes.

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With these strict guidelines, we all pretty much look the same when we're all dressed up. And when everyone looks the same, you'll always be able to notice when someone has done it properly and when he hasn't.

You want to be grouped with the former.


To help you avoid becoming a fashion casualty, we're giving you some styling tips courtesy of the best-dressed guys from the recently-concluded 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

On the red carpet, several male celebrities put their fashion game on. We listed them down below and studied them so you can steal their look and pull them off at your next dress-to-impress affair.

All pieces should be tailored-fit

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Exhibit A: Orlando Bloom.

The jacket fits his shoulders nicely and it's length is spot-on. A well-fitted suit lies flat on the shoulders. Notice the "trousers break." This part is the small wrinkle that appears when the top portion of your shoe stops your trousers' cuff from falling to its full length. If there are too many wrinkles, your pants are too long. If there are no wrinkles at all, they're too short.

Mind the hair

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If you're dressing sharp, make sure everything else follows. That means your mane should look suave and dandy. In case of facial hair, like our man Leonardo DiCaprio here, notice that he has kept his stubble groomed properly. The general rule: Keep tidy.

Level up with a three-piece

Excluding the slanted tie (which may have occurred after a dozen beso-beso with the ladies), Michael B. Jordan did a pretty neat job with his traditional three-piece suit.

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The three-piece suit gives you added class and sophistication. The vest gives you an extra layer of dimension, which makes you look slimmer. Consider it as a man's corset. Another thing that we love about these three-piece wonders is that they free you from worrying if your shirt is still neatly tucked in.

Different fabric = different vibe

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Acing a velvet suit is hard work for the formal wear noob. Jason Statham is no noob, and it paid off handsomely for him. If you manage to pull off something like this, then you'll definitely be a thing of envy as girls will flock you and touch your shiny evening armor.

If you fail? You'll end up looking like a pimp.

White is tight

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Ninety percent of guys attending a gala will probably wear a black suit. Stand out easily by ditching the trad-black and go white-hot just like the Goslingman! Take note of the minute details—the shoes, the fit, the tie—and you'll ace this standout albeit riskier suit.

It's okay to experiment

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If any other person not named Wiz Khalifa wore this get up, we're pretty sure that it'll be a fashion disaster.

Play around with the traditional look and inject a few modern tweaks and newly discovered fashion tricks. If your confidence can handle the attention, then go for it. On the flipside, get attention by mastering the basics first.

Good luck rocking it, bros!


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