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Hats Off!

<p>This season, and for a change, let a hat keep you warm and dry</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Jul 20, 2010
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Sure, an umbrella will keep you dry, but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to carry around. Though small foldable ones takes care of that particular concern, you can expect the coverage and shelter that thse provide to be just as little. You may as well wear a hat.

The hats pictured below, all from Kangol, won’t just keep you dry; they will also, for sure, jazz up your outfit and put some color on any dreary rainy day.

A few tips on wearing hats: Folks with round faces, strong jaw lines, or prominent chins, will look extra handsome wearing a hat with nice height. Think Fedora, that will most certainly do you wonders.

Derby hats, meanwhile make long faces look round. A wider brim can draw attention away from distracting facial traits.

The same rule applies: Don't overkill. Hats can already accent your outfit; go easy on a big-buckled belt or your flashy high-top shoe.

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If colorful hats, like the ones below, are your thing, your clothes should come in neutral, understated tones like whites, blacks, khakis, and gray. Save that statement shirt for another day.

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