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<p>It's all about hats, caps, and what-have-yous. Here's how a head gear can make or break your look. <em>Tama na yang </em>bonnet <em>na yan</em>!</p>
| Sep 21, 2009
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In much earlier times, hats serve to indicate one's social status. It was also worn for religious significance or to protect the head from weather elements. Now that it has evolved into an overwhelming number of shapes and styles, they've come to serve more purposes: disguising baldness, hiding hairstyles-gone-wrong, keeping off the sun, and mostly, for accessorizing.

When buying hats and caps, bring a friend to get his opinion. Remember, you probably shouldn't go for head gear that'll call too much attention—if you find that a lot of people has something to say about your head gear, they probably have a lot of funny things to say about it; they're just being polite.

Two important things: fit and courtesy. Hats that are too tight can cause migraines so adjustable ones are always a good choice. As for courtesy, be a gentleman and remove your head gear when in church, having a meal, or meeting her parents.

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Here are some hats and caps we found in the market. See what works best for you!


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