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How To Wear Pink, According To Your Favorite NBA Ballers

It might be just what you need to shake up your wardrobe
by Ash Mahinay | Aug 8, 2018
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While you can technically learn actual basketball things from watching the NBA, you might not have the elite physical attributes to copy them one hundred percent. Instead, we can copy their scoring celebrations, insanely complex handshakes, favorite quotes, and, of course, their fashion moves. Because if you've watched even a single post-game interview session, then you'd know that the association is full of well-dressed ballers. Today's league lesson? How to wear pink.

Put a pink shirt on

First of all, if any of your friends still think it ain't cool to wear pink in 2018, then consider unfriending their medieval asses. The entry to the pink life would be a pastel or faded pink button down shirt. You can go with a plain tee, but the additional structure of a proper shirt just makes it all the more don-like (which is what you want).

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Be brave, reach for those pink pants

Actually, pink shirts aren't that different anymore right? So let's move on to the post-season level of styling with some pink pants. Melo and his pastel sweats are a good bet if you don't want to go loud like Russell Westbrook.

Or veer into hot pink territory like Nick Young. Even we don't advocate wearing pants this fire everyday, but it'll be great for special occasions.

Black and pink, the secret technique

Here's Swaggy P again in some next-level pants, but notice the color combo on the shirt. Pink and white is the default scheme that comes to mind, but look out for graphics that mix pink with black for a low-key take on wearing the color. Here's the King himself showing off how good a dark pink ensemble can look:

And don't forget the shoes

We don't mean pairing pink clothes with similarly hued kicks, but if you're staring some rosy sneakers in the face then why not go for them over yet another pair in the traditional black, white, blue, or red—like these Kith Lebrons for example.

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