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This Simple Profile Photo Trick Could Get You More Right Swipes On Tinder

It's not always about the abs!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jan 13, 2016
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Forget about "angling" or sporting six-pack abs on your Tinder profile picture.

According to the latest Tinder study released to Mashable, getting more matches could be as simple as adding a little color to your photo.

Led by Tinder's in-house sociologist and relationship expert, Dr. Jess Carbino, the study analyzed 12,000 profile pictures from both sexes. According to the data produced, majority of users were uploading photos featuring outfits that "didn't make them stand out."

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The study also revealed that 72-percent of men and 56.2-percent of women on the dating app are likely to wear neutral colors (e.g. black, white, blue, grey).

"A profile photo provides an important glimpse into an individual's personality," observed Dr. Carbino.

She further explained that users "are choosing to signal certain elements of their personality through their clothing choices, such as a decision to wear shorts and a t-shirt versus a suit and tie. While the type of clothing an individual wears is not directly associated with being liked or not, clothing is one factor in creating the portrait of who a person is."

Translation: basic outfit and basic colors = boring = no right swipes.


So how do you get more right swipes? Here's a trick you might want to consider, as shared by Dr. Carbino: "Given that the vast majority of users are wearing neutral colors, individuals who want to make a splash should wear a vibrant color."

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Hear that folks? Now excuse us while we check our man-drobes...


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