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How Do You Know If A Sunglasses Trend Will Suit You?

Read this before buying those shades
by Ash Mahinay | Mar 21, 2018
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There are a lot of sunglasses styles out there to choose from, but you only have one face—this generally means you need to pick a pair that matches your look rather than try to contort your mug to fit a trend. This main consideration, your face shape, is easy to parse because there are only two basic kinds: round and angular.

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They can be further broken down into several distinct shapes (circle, oval, square, triangle, etc.) but for starters, round shades complement angular faces and vice versa, the angles working together in harmony.

For example, manly square-jawed Matt Damon, his amazing haircut…and a nice curvy pair of sunglasses:


Manly square-jawed Matt Damon and a more angular pair of sunnies:

Going angular on angular enhances your natural face shape, so if you want to look really hard and intimidating like a drill sarge, this is your style move.


On the other hand, here is oblong-faced John Cho with a sharp angular pair of sunglasses:

It gives a nice, strong horizontal line of detail to break up the oval shape. Also, holy crap, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is almost 15 years old.


Round-faced Laurence Fishburne in the roundest shades in the Matrix:

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Photo by The Matrix

Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real? Okay, so it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear rounded designs if you look round, just get a pair with some edges so you don’t end up looking like that.

The final consideration is the size of your eyewear. Small head? Get a smaller pair unless you want to look like early-aughts Paris Hilton. And if you’ve got a lot of face to love, then upsize your sunglasses as well. For everything else—tint, color, material—there won’t really be any dealbreakers if the basic shape fits you great!

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