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How To Prep (And Pimp) Your Mandrobe For 2017

What to buy and what to recycle this new year
by Vincent Ong | Dec 29, 2016
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In an ideal world, spring cleaning would be a breeze and looking for things to bring back into rotation would be as easy as deciding which items to put out of commission. To make it easier, we wade through the clutter of trends and decide which ones to join in on for the new year—which ironically is just a recap of decades past—keeping just the ones you can actuallywear as a grown ass man in the Philippines.

1) Bring out the scouting gear">

Khakis, brass belts, patches, badges, neckerchiefs and fatigue are all top contenders for this trend. Just make sure to wear them with decidedly un-rugged pieces, so no one thinks you’re on your way to a boy scout reunion.

2) Relive the 70’s

There’s no denying that the '70s are back, thanks to Gucci’s Alessandro Michele. But approach with caution! The easiest way to cash in on the trend is to go through your favorite tito’s baul for baduy prints and wear them with today’s trim silhouettes.

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3) Rock the rocker style

If you’ve been nursing a secret obsession for the genre, this is the time to let it out. As for the fashion set without musical leanings, there’s always Modern Man. If you’re not feeling the '80s, clip art tees from the '90s can work just as well. Intrams shirt, yo?


4) Cut and sew

Also a favorite from the 90’s—when you look like you can’t decide which shirt to wear so you stitch them both into just one shirt. FYI, this also happens with jeans thanks to “high fashion streetwear label” Vetements. See #6.

5) Suit up

Forget about Barney Stinson’s definition of suiting. It’s time to hit the streets in matchy-matchy tracksuits. Never forget to wear it with a dash of irony; this isn’t the year 2000.

6) Hack the system

Lop off the ends of your favorite jeans and you’re instantly uso. Need we say more?

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