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How To Rock Anything Red This Valentine's Day

It's a color that exudes confidence
by Ash Mahinay | Feb 14, 2018
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Literally the strongest color out thereaccording to that school experiment where it stays in your afterimage the longestred is also a tricky thing to wear right. You can simply wear a red tee but that’s boring, so here’s how to do it from easy to pro dresser.

1) Watch

It’s not a big leap into wearing red, but people will always look at your hands (and wrists) so it’s a good place to start accenting your outfit with some bold color. A NATO strap in red-white-blue (the best color combo fam which you will fall back on again and again) can be fitted onto something you already own, or maybe you can cash out on an all new timepiece if you’re feeling it.

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2) Hat

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So, buying a watch just to ease into the red game is admittedly expensive. You can ease your way into that life by wearing another red accessory as well. A hat is a good place to start, either a solid color block or one with a red-dominated color combolike this Stranger Things-inspired job.

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3) Shoes

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The sure option but pick a classic silhouette because it’s just more forgiving for some reason. Something like a Gazelle rather than tonal Red October sneaks. Skip the colored socks and go for some no-shows until you’re comfy with it.

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4) Jacket

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The true statement piece is a red jacket—but we still recommend going for some color blocking. Don’t think it dilutes the redness of your outfit, because it’ll always be the contrast color that sticks out the most. Layer this over some whites and greys and it’s all you need.

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5) And for the final boss: red pants

Red pants were a big thing in the early 2010’s! But don’t break that same pair out for your clothing experiments in 2018—cop a new pair in a more lowkey shade than the bright cherry pairs we all had (or secretly wanted to have) if you want to give it a try.

…and be prepared to wear a whole shirt-and-jacket setup for it. It’s really still the only way to do it properly.

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