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Inject color into your ensemble

<p>Do away with the drab! Use color to make yoru outfit look interesting</p>
| Sep 30, 2009
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Why do you need accessories? Belts keep your outfit together. A pair of shades gives you pogi points even if you’re duling. Hats and caps save you from disastrous hair. Shoes, well, we always say women love men with great sense of shoe style. Other add-ons make it fun to dress up. Basically you should demand that accessories give you that much-needed upgrade from the same old things you wear.

Picking a colored one shouldn’t be any more difficult. Just think of two colors that instantly pick up your mood and work your closet along those lines. They don't have to be dependent on your skin color. As long as you like the color, nothing else matters but how you wear it.

When you're about to wear color, remember don't go for different shades of one color (say for instance, blue, aquamarine, and navy) all at once; this will make you seem like an overkill. Don't go for completely different colors (red and green); this will make you look like a clown.

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When including color in your ensemble, take one hue and use it as an accent. For instance, take a nice yellow belt to break the monotony of your regular polo and jeans. And when you're already wearing a blatant trend (skinny jeans, say), don't up the ante and wear a blatant color to go with it. Lest, of course, you want to look like a peacock.



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