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Introducing the Ray-Ban Summer Collection

<p>Look good while protecting yourself from the sun</p>
| Mar 8, 2010
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There's no denying it. Summer is here. You feel the stinging sun pierce your arm as you walk down the street. That's not mentioning the sunlight making it impossible to read your text messages when you're out. [firstpara] With the rate it's going, it's become more and more necessary to protect your body from harmful ultraviolet rays. Hats, linen trousers, sunscreen, and, of course, sunglasses are some of your summer essentials.

Never underestimate the important role each item play when out in the sun. While certain hats and clothes work hand-in-hand with your sunblock (they support the UV protecting power of it), the power of the sunglasses should never be neglected.

Ray-ban introduces its new collection. They should be able to help you deal with the glare of the sun, block out a large percentage of blue light for ease in driving, can make you actually see better when under the heat, see colors exactly as they are, adjust to different light conditions, and protect the eyes from UV rays when sunscreen can’t.

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That was a long list. But it hasn't mentioned another important thing: do all of the above while looking good.

Of course there's the health aspects too: Healthcare professionals even recommend us to wear sunglasses not only at the beach but whenever the sun strikes.

For every summer issue you have with the sun, Ray-Ban has the answer. Choose from our latest picks as seen here.

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