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Is Hypebes The New Fuccboi?

Where do you fit in this style phenomena?
by Ash Mahinay | Feb 3, 2018
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Not too long ago, the favorite punching bag of social media was the ubiquitous fuccboi (or fuckboy if you prefer that spelling). At first it was a fresh look—joggers were truly a revolution in fits. Then, slowly, it became more accessible. You could buy joggers everywhere, barber shops sprouted up on every street corner, and spending mad stacks on your shoe game became a normal thing.

Cue the starter pack memes, judging those who buy Roshe Runs to pair with joggers, and many, many “uyy fuccboi na siya” comments on ‘gram photos of the fuccboi baptism (aka getting your first undercut). Over time, the staying power of this look was so strong that even the most ardent undercut bashers eventually broke and silently got some “sick fades” of their own. Good times!

While they may still walk among us, you don’t really hear the term thrown around anymore. The Facebook commentariat has firmly set its judgmental gaze onto the hypebeast phenomenon—or “hypebes” depending on the legitimacy of your Anti Social Social Club. Off-White. Vans. Bieber tour stuff, Yeezy gear, squatting poses, and social status.

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Illustration by JL Patulan

If you’re basing it on whether the hypebes look has replaced the fuccboi look as the favorite punching bag of social media, then it has definitely taken over. However, looks-wise, it’s simply a different slice of the broader streetwear genre that encompasses them both. Stick a fuccboi in a crowd of hypebes terrorizing SM San Jose Del Monte and he’ll blend in like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So they haven’t really replaced the fuccboi, it’s just a nice new term to use a la werpa, lodi, petmalu.

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It’s fun to point and laugh at them now, but when you finally succumb to the temptation of copping your very own pair of black and white Vans Old Skools in the future, don’t forget where you came from!

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