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Does Regifting Clothes And Shoes Make You A Scumbag?

That's not very Santa-like, buddy
by Ash Mahinay | Dec 8, 2017
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It’s part of life—end products don’t always match good intentions—but surely there is a better way than just creating a pile of unloved merch somewhere in your house right? That maybe you can regift?

If you’re soulless and have no second thoughts about it, then go right ahead. If it is an ethical issue because someone took the effort to give you a present, and here you are wanting to get rid of it, then first you must ask: “why?”

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If it’s cool but doesn’t fit…

The gift receipt makes these occurrences rarer, but not every gift-giver remembers this option come checkout time (that or someone inevitably loses the receipt in the frenzy of Christmas.) Rather than making it uselessly languish in your closet forever, pass it on instead! The best option is your pamangkins. Children will accept anything and because they’re always growing way too fast, then you can pass on stuff meant for you and it’ll still get used for sure, thus reducing Yuletide waste.

If it’s too ugly…

There’s a lot of free style advice out there (like from yours truly) but there’s also a whole lot of clothing to choose from, too. But when your reason for wanting to pass something onto someone else is because you received a total dud—that’s just cold, man. Our suggestion is to keep and use as fancy pambahay. And be better at hint-dropping for presents next time.

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If you already own multiple copies of it…

It’s not so bad to own an extra of something you already have, but if it’s too many copies then you start going “hmmm.” Like getting a pair of basketball kicks when you already have an elite rotation of shoes—thus relegating the present to long-term benchwarmer status. One option would be passing them on to a bro. It can be your literal bro or your life bros. Either way, pick a bro who could use a pair (and they know the struggle, too)! Just make sure you aren’t actually passing them off because you think they’re ugly. They’ll know, too.

If it’s something, you’ll never use because it’s just not your style…

Hang on to it first. Who knows, it might be the thing you need when trends change. The same reason makes it an awkward gift but never think “benta ko na lang.” This is the true no-no and if you get caught you will be forever shamed.

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Finally, the biggest hurdle is likely how important the person it came from is. For example, regift something from your girlfriend and prepare to die. We asked a fellow fashion bro, too:

“I think regifting is a subjective matter, in the sense that it depends on who gave you the gift. Personally, I don't mind at all if someone regifts something that I gave them, but I understand that other people see it differently. So before I decide to regift something, I'd try to gauge if the original giver would mind at all.” - Miguel Escobar, editorial assistant at Esquire Philippines and contributor

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