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This Is Possibly The Biggest Supreme Collection In The Philippines

To call DJ Bigboy Cheng obsessed is an understatement
by Ash Mahinay | Oct 6, 2017
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Our October issue profile of DJ Bigboy Cheng isn’t really about his Supreme collection (it’s all about That Life) but we can’t ignore what could be the biggest single collection of the brand in the Philippines—we’ll call it that until somebody else posts a bigger pic on Instagram.

Here's our list of favorite pieces from the motherlode because it was almost impossible to cram them all into the pictures in the magazine!

1) Supreme Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Part it to enter the portal to the Supreme dimension.

2) Supreme x Coleman Mini Bike

Because who wants to put any wear on their kicks by walking right?

3) Supreme x Simpson Street Bandit Helmet

Classic helmet silhouette meets classic skate branding.

4) Supreme Bags

What’s inside? More Supreme merch we assume.

5) Supreme x Everlast Punching Bag

This heavy bag has so much worth, it’ll be like punching that Mayweather guy in the face.


6) Supreme Tools

Useful for handling the following…

7) Supreme Bricks

These go for $200 a piece on Ebay, so imagine how much building a house out of these would cost.

8) Supreme MetroCard

North Ave MRT station-length lines probably developed when these dropped at select stations in NYC.

9) Supreme Fire Extinguisher

When your collection is so full of heat that it may be in danger of spontaneously combusting.

10) Supreme Money Gun

Did you know Bigboy shot actual money out of this toy once? Check out the October issue to see how he felt about doing a total rapper move!

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