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So Is Tucking In Your Shirt Cool Again?

Yes, this is fashion now
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 26, 2017
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Tucking in your undershirt was the number one rule to be broken by a lot of us back in school. Our shirt hems all go flying out of our waistbands the microsecond the dismissal bell rang, because it’s uncomfy, stodgy, and di cool in general.

But just like that how to strap your bag scene in 21 Jump Street, all we know is a lie because suddenly all these people are tucking in their damn shirts.

You have the latest giant-man-by-Guadalupe doing it

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Mr. Pogi ng Marikina City

A magazine cover revolutionary

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Our esteemed movie critic at FHM who always trashes your favorite films


Anyway, it looks clean, somewhat dorky at times, but overall a nice change of pace from all the long hemlines and fishtail tees. It’s also part of the continuing appreciation for all things daddy-inspired. Witness this runway look from French label Vetements back in January.

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Yes, this is fashion now. Some of you might actually already look like that everyday, and good for you, but the less fortunate among us have to exert some effort to ride this latest trend. Here are a few tips if you’re interested in this tucking in business.

1) Start with a plain white tee and your nicest pair of pants before anything else—it could be denim, trousers, khakis, etc.

2) Do not use an undershirt in place of an actual plain white tee, people can tell the difference.

3) Belts are optional.

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