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5 Tricks To Beat 'Hat Hair'

Here's how you can reclaim your hairstyle after wearing a cap all day.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Dec 14, 2015
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Some people like wearing hats to protect their face from the searing heat. Others sport them as a style statement. Whatever your reason is, every hat-wearer has, at one point or another, experienced the dreaded "hat hair," aka the severe disfiguration of the hair due to prolonged hat use.

To help you avoid that mane mishap, here are some tips.

1) Let the hair dry first before wearing a cap.

Wet hair will dry underneath the cap and take its shape, thus making it harder to fix later on. So before you put on your hat, dry your hair in front of the electric fan (or borrow your sister's hair blower). Five minutes won't hurt.

2) Finger comb your hair.

Guards usually ask us to remove our caps when going inside the mall. Rather than reaching out for a comb, just use your fingers to fix your hair. Running a comb through your hair will only add friction, making an even bigger mess.

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3) Keep it light.

If you want your hair to look good after removing a cap, opt for something that's not too heavy or too tight. Ideally, the hat you choose should still let you fit a finger between its band and your scalp.

4) Get a haircut.

Hair-dos that are short on the sides give your head (and hair) more breathing room. That hat will have less hair to compress, so naturally, you'll have less hair to "decompress" when that hat comes off.

5) Have the right tools ready.

Anticipate the consequences of wearing a hat. Keep a few products on hand to reclaim your hairstyle. If things just look a little flat, wax can restore the volume. If things get too, erm, hairy, break out the gel, and force your hair back to the style you want.

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There's also tip number 6: If all else fails, go home, take a shower, and re-style your hair.

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