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Stick To These Six Rules To Keep Your Mandrobe Organized

Organized wardrobe = an easier life
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 17, 2016
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Scenario: Your office is celebrating it's the 10th anniversary tomorrow, and your boss announces that there will be a small party after working hours. Everyone iss required to be there in a gray tee. As you prepare for work the next day, you've check all corners of your cabinet, but you can't seem to find your gray shirt. What the hell do you do?

In order to keep your mandrobe neat and organized, FHM has compiled 6 simple rules for you to live to live by:

Rule #1: Sort your clothes

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Separate your favorites from the items that you no longer wear. Keep what you need and toss out what you don't. That lame hawaiian shirt from your drunk uncle included. 

Rule #2: Arrange your clothes according to type

Separate formal wear, office attire, casual getups, and your pambahay. Leave enough space to act as a divider so you can easily tell where your long sleeve shirts should be and where your sandos are located. This will help you keep order and save time each morning.


Rule #3: Maximize space 

Install adhesive hooks to the back of your wardrobe door. Put all your socks and neckties in one knapsack, and hang it up along with your caps and other accessories.  

Rule #4: Know what to hang

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You don't need to hang your jeans because they are thick enough to fold—it doesn't matter if they get wrinkled, anyway. For obvious reasons, hang your corduroys, button-downs, and crisp shirts instead.

Rule #5: Discipline yourself

Don't just pull out a tee from a pile of clothing! Chances are, this will cause all the clothes on top to tumble down, thus, you'll need to re-fold them right after. Be vigilant in lifting the clothes on top properly, should  your desired article of clothing be at the bottom.

Rule #6: Schedule wardrobe cleaning

Make it a habit to clean your wardrobe by dusting it, wiping it, and tossing out all necessary items. You can do this once a month, thrice a year, or before the year ends—it's really up to you. In the long run, having a spic and span closet will help you manage getting dressed.

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