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LIKE A BOSS: 4 Wardrobe Upgrades that Will Instantly Make You Look Smarter

Make sure that your office attire is not waley!
| Aug 19, 2015
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There are some who know how to dress in a professional environment, and then there are those who settle for a backpack, a pair of jeans, and a sad sack of a shirt. If you identify more with the latter, we're here to tell you that your office porma is waley.

The good news, however, is that it doesn't require a lot to salvage your style. Here are four wardrobe upgrades every yuppie should prioritize in their next sweldo:

1. A clean haircut
We're not about to tell you what type of haircut you should get; all we know is it has to be clean enough to command respect and professionalism. If it's up to us though, we're rooting for the David Beckham slick-back or the Don Draper side part.

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2. Skinny jeans
For crying out loud, please get rid of those billowy slacks. And if you're going to wear jeans to the office, go for a slim-fit leg that won't swallow your shoes.

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3. Buttoned shirt
Get a fitted shirt to prevent a blousy spillover, and make sure that the sleeves don't go past your wrists. You also have to mind the shirt's collar--it should be more dressy than casual.

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4. Messenger bag
At this point, it's more stylish and practical to walk around in a messenger bag than a measly backpack. Choose one that has a large compartment for files and a legal pad-sized pocket, and always wear it cross-body.

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Remember: Success has everything to do with how well you present yourself.

These wardrobe changes can indeed make any man look smarter, but it's missing one last thing: a pair of shoes that can pass the look and comfort test. You need versatile kicks that can easily dress up any office attire, which is why we encourage you to invest in a good pair of ankle-high boots and derby shoes, like these two new ones from Lacoste.

The Lacoste Millard Chukka is a refined modern silhouette with classic derby styling around the toe, coming together in an effortless, contemporary design. The Lacoste Millard Lace, on the other hand, features sleek design lines in soft premium leather. Simply put, these boots are made for working. Other than that, we think you're good to go!

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