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Lindsay Lohan is Marc Ecko's Digital Muse

<p>How about that underboob shot, eh?</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 11, 2010
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Lindsay Lohan is Marc Ecko’s digital campaign muse for the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Fall 2010 collection. Finally, we can talk about the former child star without talking about manic partying, adventures behind-bars, nor about alcohol and other waste-laying accoutrements.  

Between her stint behind-bars and the rehab, Lindsay went to work for Mark Ecko as his digital muse. But what exactly is a digital campaign muse? In the words of Marc Ecko: “A muse has the ability to inspire the artist to create in ways they wouldn’t otherwise contemplate. For better or worse, they make you feel something, emotionally.”

And Lindsay was chosen as that because  “people are fascinated with her-they can either feel good or bad things, but they are feeling some type of emotion. She’s a pop culture icon,” Ecko says.

We say, “true, that.” Lindsay has always been fascinating ever since her days in Disney’s Parent Trap to the days we thought of her as one of the hottest women in the planet, and all the way up to her unfortunate, spotlight-stealing downward spiral in recent years. We can only wish that she turns it around soon, and become truly hot again.

Which is exactly what Linday is in the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew campaign. What makes this Mark Ecko stint especially exciting is that you don't just get to oggle her; you actually get to “hang out” withLindsay Lohan, albeit in hologram.

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A special encoded GLYPH marking (tracking code) will be printed onto all Marc Ecko Cut & Sew fall 2010 marketing collateral such as catalogs, look books, and campaign pages in magazines. The said GLYPH can also be printed from the dedicated campaign website In the same website, consumers can position the GLYPH mark into their web camera, and just like that, Lindsay Lohan’s hologram appears!

Lindsay’s computer-induced apparition can be played with too because in the website there’s a wheel that controls her emotions. Click joy or remorse for example, and Lindsay begins to act it out. You can even record a video of yourself chatting with the holographic Ms. Lohan, and upload it on the video gallery on, Youtube, and Facebook.  Fancy and geeky awesome!

Lindsay will also be promoting the brand in more traditional venues such as video ads and a print campaign that pays homage to American illustrator Robert McGinnis who created movie posters for James Bond movies in the 70s. The campaign and the website kicks off in September of this year, so watch out world, Lohan roams free— in holo form at least!

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For the meantime, check out exclusive behind-the-scenes shots of LiLo below, and tell us she doesn't make your heart beat faster anymore. How we wish it were September already when the ads get released!

Watch the exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Lindsay Lohan by clicking here!


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