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Look Dapper in Dress Shirts

<p>Because you will need your buttondown shirts one way or another</p>
| Oct 26, 2009
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Have you ever wondered why, in a line of shirted professionals, some guys just naturally stand out? We are willing to make a bet it's the fit of their shirts.

New yuppies often giveaway their inexperience with their oversized buttondowns. Listen: do not commit the same mistake. Not only is it unimpressive, it's actually very lousy.

While you may not have to wear dress shirts as regularly as you wear your jeans, it is an essential in a man's closet. You need at least one good dress shirt. For a job interview, a business meeting, meeting the parents, Sunday's best. Whatever it is, you need one. If you still don't need one, we tell you, you will need one soon.

So allow us to give you some tips.


  1. Your shirt's collar should allow you to breathe. Insert two fingers between the neck and the collar and you will be fine. You will need the space to allow shrinkage after the first wash and make way for a tie that will take up a bit of that space.
  2. Always go for a shirt with a collar stiffener.
  3. As for the most part of the shirt, the torso, snug is okay but tight or loose is not. Adjust the fit accordingly or have one especially made.
  4. Get one with a cotton mix fabric so it's fresher on the skin. This simply means the fabric is composed of, if not pure, cotton and something else like silk or stretch. As long as at least 80% is cotton your skin is safe.
  5. Avoid tucking the shirt in and pulling some out. It's just not how it's supposed to be. Keep all of it in and allow the day to wear it off. Also, the shirt should be long enough that when you sit it won't untuck itself.
  6. Unlike the fit on the torso, your cuff should move where your wrist moves. So keep that one really fit. **And the sleeve length? It should end just right below your wrist bone.

Now that you know the low-down on shirts, experiment with prints and some cool styles in the market. Check out a few dress shirts available in the market today.

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