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This SpongeBob Squarepants Jersey Is Kind Of Ballin'

Plus a short list of other weird and horrendous jersey designs
by Andrei Medina | Jan 3, 2018
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The 87ers, the G-League team of the Philadelphia 76ers, are wearing themed uniforms to celebrate Nickelodeon night and there’s probably no better way to represent the event than wearing Bikini Bottom-inspired attire.

Check out this cool SpongeBob SquarePants jersey:

Honestly, these are a bit weird, but in a good way. The loud details somehow pair well, perfectly capturing the liveliness of Spongebob’s character without going overboard. The best part is these jerseys will be signed by the players and auctioned off for charity after the game.

Meanwhile, the NBA’s main league recently debuted their City jerseys. Here are some of our personal picks for worst jersey design ever. Prepare yourselves for an eyesore.

Atlanta Hawks

Rapper Jeezy debuted the new Hawks jerseys, but his presence wasn’t enough to hide the bad combination of neon highlights with Atlanta’s futuristic fonts and designs, giving it a Tron vibe that just doesn’t seem to work.

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Golden State Warriors

We get that the reigning NBA champs are paying tribute to The Bay’s Chinese culture with these new City uniforms, but this is a bit too loud. Perhaps it would be better to swap the yellow base with red, then shifting the other colors accordingly for a better Chinese homage.


Indiana Pacers

When it comes to jerseys, symmetry is usually what does the trick for it to be considered aesthetically pleasing, but the Pacers decided to mix things up with various nods to Indiana’s racing roots. Unfortunately, the number is too big and should be centered plus the checkerboard design on one side throws us off.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Anything on a gray base usually looks good but not this time. Not even Russell Westbrook’s MVP stats could fix this hot mess.

Utah Jazz

Adding a sunrise pattern is a nice touch, but these look more like they belong to the Phoenix Suns.

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