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Is It Time for You to Own a Man Bag?

We choose the right man bag to suit your man-needs
by mich r. lagdameo | Jun 20, 2013
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Here’s the deal: Your pockets should be more than able to snugly stash your wallet, your phone, and perhaps the panyo your mom already stuffed in there when she ironed your pants. If you’re already asking “What about my iPod? iPad? Another phone? Extra shirt? Laptop? Bottle of water? Zombie apocalypse preparedness kit?” Then, sir, you do need a bag, for even pants as baggy as MC Hammer’s cannot accommodate all your greedy materialism/pack rat tendencies.

“But I already have a bag,” you might say, gesturing to the moldy what-was-once-a-backpack you’ve carried around since high school. To put it kindly, that bag must carry as much bacteria as it does memories—so chuck it.

You could either opt for another preppy
but newer, hence cleanerbackpack (a list of which we have here) or you could join the "Man Bag" movement. To help you choose which end of the bag owner spectrum you want to be in, we've devised a few clever pick-this-bag-if scenarios based on some of our favorite onscreen pegs ng buhay to make the decision easier (and out of your girlfriend’s hands). And if the prospect of bag shopping still daunts you after, try cutting down the crap you tote around to what fits into your pants pockets, okay?


1. These bags mean business

salvatore mann bagsAlesio (left) and Amadeo, Salvatore Mann at SM Department Store

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Pick this bag if: You make a living wearing well-cut suits, you are never ill-groomed, and have a rep for being sort of a hit with the ladies with your suave, smooth ways.

Your peg ng buhay: Jacob Palmer of Crazy Stupid Love

jacob palmer crazy stupid love
What to look for: Messenger-style bags or briefcase types in leather or similar material, and in darker or neutral colors to stay classic and formal

How to use this bag: The structured styles in luxurious-looking materials/finishes look best paired with dressier get-ups (like your work attire). Don’t overstuff these bags to create a clean line. Pangharabas, these are not! Kinda fruity? Well, yeah—but if Ryan can rock ‘em, so can you.

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