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The Most Stylish NBA Players Right Now

These are the true kings both on and off the court
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 6, 2017
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The NBA offseason is when fans get the chance to see our favorite players out of their familiar jerseys and custom sneakers.

Special affairs such as the NBA Awards 2017 is where ballers showcase their flair and flaunt their sense of style. And if the league was an endless catwalk, these guys would be in the running for MVP.

Honorable mentions: Patrick Beverley, Kemba Walker (based on their red carpet swag during the awards night)

5) John Wall

The ball isn't the only thing that the point guard wiz can handle. Apparently, he's ace at carrying bright colors in his ensemble, too. Wall also goes for neutral tones, but not without making sure that one article of clothing stands out. 

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4) James Harden

Just like the top entry, Harden has the freedom to experiment with his garb, mainly because his trademark facial hair can easily salvage any look.


3) Dwyane Wade

The 35-year-old continues to defy Father Time not only as a player, but also with the way he dresses himself: trendy and always on point. The Chicago local may be the oldest among the Banana Boat crew, but Wade is easily the most updated in the wardrobe department.

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2) Iman Shumpert

Shumpert can actually give the No. 1 baller in this list a run for his money, if not for the latter's contrast in on- and off-court personas. The moonlighting rapper loves to play with his hairdo just as much as he enjoys mixing and matching his outfits.

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1) Russell Westbrook

Why not? The MVP's fashion sense epitomizes his boldness—a swagger that's captivating whether in game mode or off-duty. His outfits are as breathtaking as his triple-doubles. Plus, the idea of Russ giving Paul George some fashion advice is funny yet intriguing.


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