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The Best Streetwear Brands Outside Metro Manila

A visual gallery of provincial swag
by Benjie Gana | May 17, 2018
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The local streetwear scene has never been healthier and we feel pretty spoiled by all the good brands out there but, guess what, Manila isn't the only place with streets though! You probably think the only clothes that you can take home from a trip are kitschy souvenir shirts and Filipiniana handicrafted items and for a long time, you were probably right. But you best believe that where there's urban sprawl, there'll be inspired young creatives who want to express themselves through art and clothing. So don't sleep on the province and expand your copping to these labels that bring the hype from outside the Metro.

Trapped Out

Coming in from Malolos, Bulacan, Trapped Out delivers some gothic vibes for you.

90's kids will love this low-key Magic Knight Rayearth graphic

Modern Dark

Another brand hailing from Bulacan, Modern Dark lives up to the name with appropriately murderous looks.

We love designs that look like a homage to something familar but you can't quite recognize

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Whenever you're southbound, make sure to look out for the vivid work of the Los Banos, Laguna-based Enimal

Beat the heat by looking cool with these dope "uncle shirts" or tito shirts or whatever you want to call them



Davao-based Revere delivers intricate illustrated graphics from the south of the Philippines.

As soon as things cool off, step up your headwear game with some bright orange beanies.


The Queen City won't be left out of course, so we have Deadways serving up clean looks from Cebu.

A good street brand always has stickers to rep with, Deadways is obviously good to go

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