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FHM Knows Style: The Season's Best Jackets

Buy at your own peril, but please wear them appropriately&mdash;you know, when it really is <em>malamig</em>!<strong><br /> <br /> </strong>
by mich r. lagdameo | Jul 25, 2013
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FHM HQ just got the memo that it’s Fall/Winter 2013 season in foreign parts, which means that all them swanky fashion brands are showing one thing and one thing only: jackets, and lots of them. Jackets with jeans and boots, jackets layered over geeky cardigans and suave polo shirts, jackets worn with even more jackets.

                                                               ...and jacket that looks like seat covers

Now, let’s get one thing straight, all you sartorial devils, you: It will never snow in the Philippines. So yes, you will look a bit idiotic in full winter gear. But of course you can make a case for the unpredictable rainy season, Baguio in Christmastime, and your office aircon turned way down to Artic tundra temperatures. And well, yeah, the right jacket can be just so effortlessly angas, and it’s a no-brainer good investment. A disclaimer though: The uso jackets now are a tad too fruity and fasyon for our tastes—which probably explains why we’re snugly zipped up in the same ratty varsity jacket we’ve worn since college. So, continue at your risk, bros.

Below are the top picks of our metrosexual subconscious…


As seen in:
Calvin Klein, Replay, Diesel

A wardrobe staple that, when taken care of, weathers time pretty well. Plus points for effortlessly melding instant angas factor with major, buttery-soft comfort. How to wear without looking like ’90s Robin Padilla (a cool peg, but no one but Robin Padilla can pull that off): pair with worn-in, distressed jeans and skip the beanie—unless you want to look like a mugger.


As seen in:
Superdry, Replay

Tops the comfort department, with extra merit for being so easy to match with anything—except your office attire. If you wear business casual day in and day out, don’t layer this on a boyish hoodie (trust us, you won’t be taken seriously). Feel free to throw on with your usual jeans-shirt-sneakers combo on those weekend dates with the girl.

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