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Pantalon Fashion: Stylish Pants And Jeans For Different Scenes

Upgrade your fashion for the lower-half of your body
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 15, 2013
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Here's a fashion tip we learned a long, long time ago: When in doubt, wear pants! It can be worn nicely together with a variety of clothes, from the usual kanto boy jerseys to amerikanas and polo shirts. You can also wear them multiple times before being thrown to the labada bin, pleasing the Juan Tamads in us. Plus, as long as they're orig and well taken cared of, they can last for years, especially for maong.

And since they form a huge part of the male clothing ensemble, they can either make (or break) your look. Want another tip? To fully maximize 'em, huwag suot lang ng suot. Learn to mix and match, and also buy something that will suit various styles and highlight your mood or attitude (i.e. "I feel emo, black it is!").

With this now hanging in our heads, we decided to channel the inner pants sartorialist in us and comb through the big brands' new stuff to show you what you can wear for different reasons and scenes.

Check 'em out and see if your wardrobe already needs a bit of tweaking.

1. Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2013 preppy pants collection

jeans fashion philippines
With a semi-fitting cut and bright colors, Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2013 preppy pants collection helps you pull-off that may pinagaralan look. 

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jeans fashion philippines

Wear it: If you want to look preppy and educated, like someone who came from an Ivy League school. Or if you like reminiscing about your care-free college days, minus those nasty extra-wide elephant pants. Oh, the memories.

Get it: Visit their stores at Greenbelt 5, Rustan's Makati, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Abreeza Mall, Newport Mall

2. Replay Laserblast Evolution collection

Not to be confused with those god-awful skinny jeans that will rip apart if you make a de-kwatro, Replay's Laserblast Evolution collection sport a lean cut and dark colors inspired by the buzzing nocturnal activity within bars and clubs.


Wear it: If you want to go tugs-tugs all night long...while looking all rugged and not at all douchey while doing so.

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